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It will be an honor to transmit a Reiki Training to you

Reiki training

With great pleasure I offer Reiki Training Level 1, Level 2 and Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Method of Energy Healing both over distance and in person.

Appointments for distance training are now available for Fall 2020 from the comfort of your home. Yes, both the training and the energetic attunement to the degrees of Reiki are possible over distance. Please contact me for dates.

I received a life-changing reiki session from Uta 2 years ago. I had several issues with my back and neck due to a fairly severe car accident. Right when the session started I felt waves of energy flowing over my body and the painful spots in my upper torso were immediately lessened after the session and felt absolutely energized after. So I highly recommend her!!! One of the most talented healers that I have met thus far.
Following the session, I chose to start learning reiki techniques from Uta also. I know it sounds cliche, but my life has changed in so many amazing ways since I have become a practitioner. She is such an amazing teacher.
Whether you choose to receive a reiki session from her or train in the reiki techniques, you will not be disappointed!

Nathan Callahan


 I cannot express my gratitude enough for the knowledge I received from you during my level 1 and 2 Reiki training, it is invaluable.  The energetic shifts I felt during the course and the following 21 consecutive days of practice was quite profound.  You are very gifted practitioner and teacher.  I cherish the insights and wisdom you shared during my training and I look forward to putting them all into practice.  I highly recommend you to anyone who is searching for a Reiki master teacher or who would like to experience a Reiki session.  With much appreciation, I thank you again.

Libby Angelo